This website contains original drawings and paintings designed by the artist.

"The gestation period between the time Sy Hearn was first overwhelmed by art and his earliest attempt at artistic endeavor was long. He got the "art bug" in the sixth grade after a visit to the Getty Museum in Malibu, overwhelmed at being "in a mansion surrounded by sculptures and paintings". Then he settled in to read anything and everything he could get his hands on about art. His passion was building exponentially, yet he felt as though art was a foreign language and he had to study extensively and intently all the time to learn before doing. His reading allowed him to explore the artistic output of many societies, notably the ancient Egyptians citing that work "as having the most impact" on his nascent hopes for becoming a painter. He continued to read and study and finally began to paint. To his dismay, his first attempt at 19 proved disappointing and he went on a seven year hiatus, trying to think about how he could improve. He began to paint again after deciding to challenge himself, "listening to the Universe" to guide him."

Editor and Contributing Writer,           Ruth Adkins Robinson

(inside my head, CAAM 2009, Curator Mar Hollingsworth)